The Kunin™ Group is a division of Foss Performance Materials located in Hampton, NH. We provide the hobbyist, crafter, and creative individual with premium eco-friendly non-woven fabrics that set the standard for excellence in quality and innovation. Our goal is to provide fabric and craft products that inspire creativity for the novice as well as the professional crafter or seamstress. Modern technologies enable us to offer adhesive-backed, die-cut, embossed, and stiffened fabrics in several color and style options. Our latest technological advancement allows us to produce fabrics out of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. This adds the value of environmental stewardship to the fun of making crafts. Kunin products are sold in retail outlets worldwide, packaged for retail display.

Stephen Seymour Kunin was considered the “Father of Craft Felts”. Throughout the 1960s, he began making and selling craft felt created from scraps of fabric. Foss Manufacturing became the sole supplier of fiber to Kunin for his felts during the 1980s, and in 1990 Foss acquired Kunin Felt from S. Kunin. The name was later changed to The Kunin Group. Over the years, we have developed craft felts made out of synthetic fibers that come very close to the feel of traditional wool felts at a substantially lower cost. With our in-house solution-dyed fiber making capabilities, we have been able to develop and constantly update our colorations to match the latest fashion and home decor color trends.

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