DIY Eyeglasses Case

Eyeglass Case with Mustache - Kunin Felt by Jennifer Priest - TITLE

Since we have several glasses wearers in our home, we have lots of glasses cases lying around. But since we all have the same optometrist, the cases we have are all the same color so things get confusing! Plus, some of us, like my husband, need more than one case because he needs one for the car, one in his desk at work, and one in his office at home because he always forgets to carry them around with him.

I decided to make my husband a custom, “manly” glasses case that he can use in my car for his reading glasses or for his sunglasses, whichever he has on him at the time. Plus now, he’ll never get confused about which case is his or our daughter’s. He chose the Embossedfelt™ because it has a unique, “grown-up” look that he’d feel comfortable using. From afar, this case appears to be made from leather! Luckily it is more affordable and easier to make than a leather case.


• Embossedfelt™ – Cashmere Tan
• Embossedfelt™ – Black
• Aleene’s Hook and Loop Tacky Tape
• Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape
• Sewing Machine
• Westcott Non-Stick Titanium Scissors
• Marker
• Old Eyeglasses Case – to use as a pattern
• Mustache Die Cut – optional

Eyeglass Case with Mustache - Kunin Felt by Jennifer Priest

Here’s how to create this eyeglasses case:

If you don’t want to sew this project, you can use Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick Tape to secure all the seams. Also, note that I put the Fabric Fusion tape in a different location than where I stitched with the sewing machine to avoid getting adhesive onto the needle of the sewing machine.

What colors and patterns of felt would you use to create your own glasses case?