Clothespin Doll Dress

I love to make clothespin dolls. They are so cute and make fantastic gifts for little girls. Most people use wood balls as the heads for their clothespin, but I prefer to create a sculpted head using an air dry clay. Whichever design you choose to use, your doll will need clothes! Why not make a dress for yours? I love the flexibility of the pattern I created. The dress base is made from felt, and is simple and plain; allowing you to personalize the clothes with embroidery, buttons or whatever else inspires you!

LB Clothespin Doll Dress July 10 Photo 1


LB Clothespin Doll Dress July 10 Photo 2


  1. Using the pattern, cut out dress pieces
  2. Sew the collar onto the dress piece that you will designate as the dress front.
  3. Embroider a floral design onto the apron piece and then stitch the apron onto the dress front.
  4. Use French knots to create “buttons” down the front of the dress.
  5. Place the back dress piece onto your work surface. Then lay the doll down on the dress. Cover with the top of the dress piece. Pin in place. You will sew the doll into the dress.
  6. Begin stitching the back and front of the dress together. It’s best to start at the top and work down. Don’t forget to leave the arms and bottom of the dress open.

Extra: Want to make the mini pie too? You can get a link to the tutorial on my blog:


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