Funky Flower Pin


Bright Green is definitely my “signature” color. I love to decorate with it, wear it and craft with it, so my color selection for this Funky Flower Pin project was a no brainer! Just in time for Spring this pin can be a fun addition to any outfit. Change up the colors to create your signature look!


• 9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Classicfelt™ Neon Green (1), Bright Lilac (1) and Peacock (1)
• Americana Paints by DecoArt – Foliage Green, Purple Cow and Sea Breeze
• Pin back, decorative button, straight scissors, paper, pencil, tape, paint brush, palette knife, pinking shears, embroidery needle, orange floss, 4” head pins (2), assorted beads, wire cutters and needle nose pliers.


Place your button on a piece of paper and trace around it. Then draw a circle ¼” larger and another circle ¼” larger. Then draw a flower. Rough cut your pattern and tape it to the Neon Green Felt, cut out your flower with straight scissors. Repeat with the Peacock Felt and a straight cut circle, then the Bright Lilac Felt and a pinked cut circle. Thread assorted beads on to each head pin, making one longer than the other. Using needle nose pliers, make a loop in the open end of each head pin and trim off the excess with wire cutters.


Paint polka dots on the Neon Green Felt flower with Foliage Green using the end of the paint brush.


Paint dashes on the Peacock Felt with Sea Breeze using the tip of a palette knife.


Paint stripes on the Bright Lilac Felt with Purple Cow using the edge of the palette knife.


Thread orange floss on to embroidery needle. Stack flower pieces together and stitch through button five or six times to secure. With needle at back of project, stitch on pin back and bead danglers, using holes to secure to project.

Wear and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! – Beth Watson

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