Bunny Time!


I think of bunnies at Springtime and Easter. Some of my favorite designs I have created for publications, books and for special occasions have included bunnies. Now with baby shower plans only a couple weeks away, it is bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies! The baby arriving in a couple months is a girl and her nursery is being filled with bunnies and birds.

For the shower I am making strings of banners to decorate the parlor and the dining room. Yes a parlor, I live in a house that is almost two hundred years old so it has a parlor with high ceilings. The banners will hang across the fireplace mantel and windows.

The 9” by 12” craft cuts make the easiest banners and with a cute bunny die cut from Sizzix, www.sizzix.com the banners are coming together very quickly. These will also be very cute for Easter a couple of weeks later.

You will need:
9” x 12” craft cuts Kunin Classicfelt, 2 Candy Pink, 1 White (for one banner)
Fabri-tac Glue by Beacon
Big Shot by Sizzix
Bunny Die cut by Sizzix
1 yard Pink ribbon
4 Flower embellishments
Scissors, ruler, pencil, pins, scissors, cutting mat and rotary cutter

  1. Fold felt in half lengthwise, finger press along seam. Open flat. Line up ruler from outer edge of felt to center line, cut along the line. Repeat for opposite side. Trim banner edges with decorative scissors. (optional) Cut a second banner from white.
  2. Place the white banner on top of the pink banner ½” down to allow the pink banner edge border. Glue banners together leaving 2” unglued at top. Glue close to the top edge creating a 1 ½” casing to string ribbon through. Glue ribbon across top and flower embellishments at top and bottom.


  1. Cut second piece of pink felt in half to make two 4 ½” by 6” pieces. Following manufacturer’s instructions die cut a bunny with the Big Shot or Fabi. Tie remaining piece of ribbon into a bow and trim ends. Glue to bunny neck, add flower.

Repeat to make as many banners as you need. I need to hop to it (groan), only about another fifty to go! Over on the Smoothfoam blog I have another cute bunny project. Hop on over and see Little Bunny Tutu. http://www.smoothfoam.com/blog/bunny-easter-egg-decoration/. All the instructions are there to make one for yourself or a special little one in your life. We have a lot of exciting news ahead for April! Keep creating! Debra

DebraQ Tutu Bunny Egg Fr