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To go with the classy cube container here is a stylish cylinder with another flower design: a ruffled flower band. These new patterns in Kunin’s Fancifelts are very striking with bright and fresh colors and designs.

You will need:
9” x 12” craft cuts of Kunin Fancifelt,  4 Moroccan Orange
9” x 12” craft cut of Classicfelt, 1 Orange
Fabri-tac Glue by Beacon
Scissors, 5” circle template, ruler, pencil, paper, pins, needle and thread. Sewing machine, matching thread or glue where it says stitch.

  1. From orange felt cut three 1 ¼” strips for band and ruffled flower. From the Moroccan felt cut a 5” circle and two pieces 5 ½” by 12” for container sides.
  2. Right sides together align a 5 ½” wide piece with a full 9” by 12” piece. Sew ¼” seam on one side. Pull remaining sides together and sew seam creating a cylinder. Repeat for second two pieces to create lining for container.
  3. Wrong sides together insert cylinders into each other aligning seams. Pin circle bottom in place. Top stitch around entire bottom.
  4. To make the flower. Cut 3” off one end of one felt strip. Sew a straight stitch along one side of one of the felt strips. Pull stitches and it will begin to curl into a flower shape. Stitch through second 9” piece and pull stitches. Manipulate flower shape into a circle and glue in between layers to hold.
  5. Glue 3” piece to end of remaining strip. Glue flower to center of 15” strip. Wrap around container with 3” end piece at narrower back section of container. Glue remaining strip end together.

This container would also make a nice gift bag or hold a bottle of wine. To make smaller versions for jams or beauty products just cut felt pieces in half. March is National Craft month, in my home that would be every month but we are especially celebrating this month! Making something is beneficial for your health and is just fun. Try something new, check out online classes or your local craft store. Pick up some paints or markers, doodle and draw, just have fun. Want to sew, how about felt! Keep creating! Debra

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