Chic Storage

DQ ACM Fancifelt Geo Morr Containers_514_550
We can never have enough storage containers, they are a great way to keep and store odds and ends, business or craft supplies. Here are two containers created from the new Fancifelt patterns, Moroccan and blank. I shared a flower design previously and made the same flower to embellish one container. The second cylinder container has a ruffled flower band and instructions to follow in the next post.

You will need:
9” x 12” craft cuts of Kunin Fancifelt, 5 Moroccan
Buttons, teal ¾”
Fabri-tac Glue by Beacon
Scissors, 3” circle templates, ruler, pencil, paper, pins. Sewing machine and matching thread or glue where it says stitch.

  1. From White felt cut a 1 ½” by 12” strip, a 3” circle for flower base, cut ten 2” by 3”, seven 1 ¾” by 2 ½” and five 1 ½” by 2” rectangles. From the Moroccan felt cut a 3” circle and 7” square for bottom of container.
  2. Measure center line of four pieces of Moroccan felt. Finger press wrong sides together along this line. Top stitch along each of the four pressed folds.
  3. Wrong sides together align two pieces. Topstitch the two opposite seams to form a cube. Wrong sides together insert one cube inside the other. Top stitch around top edge.
  4. Pin rectangle bottom in place. Top stitch around all four sides.
  5. To make the flower. Fold white rectangles in half lengthwise. Cut a slight curve at one end and curve into center of fold at opposite end to create a petal shape with point. Repeat for all the rectangles.
  6. To shape petals fold both sides of slight curved end to middle. Hold with fingers ½” from bottom and squeeze a small amount of glue into end. Press shut.
  7. Glue white circle to wrong side of Moroccan circle. Begin gluing largest petals ½” from circle edge side by side. Repeat with second layer of middle sized petals placing the first petal centered with a large petal so the edges do not line up. Repeat for the smallest petals. Glue button to center. Glue flower to center of storage container or use hook and loop to allow removal of the flower. Finished size of flower is 7”.

A set of these containers would look good on a shelf, counter or workspace and would hold lots of stuff. The Fancifelts are sturdy as well as stylish so they are ideal for creating containers and boxes. In the next post the second container to pair up this one, a cylinder shape with a ruffled flower. Keep creating! Debra