Stylish Tissue Keeper

DQ Fancifelt Z Tissue H_640_471

On Tuesday’s blog post I shared how to make a super easy and stylish phone case. So what to do with the remaining pieces of Fancifelt animal print? Make another accessory especially in the winter, a stylish tissue keeper to go with my fashion statement phone sleeve!

You will need:
9” x 12” Fancifelt  Zebra, 1/2 White, 1/2 Shocking Pink
Stick on Crystals
Fabri-Tac glue
Scissors, ruler, pencil, sewing machine, matching thread, needle

How to:
1. Cut each piece of felt 4 ½” by 6”. Cut a 3” slit in center of one piece.
DQ Tissue Cut Photo 2
2. Cut a 2 ½” heart from pink zebra scrap.
3. Glue or stitch heart as shown to front. Place both pieces of felt wrong sides together. Top stitch, hand stitch or glue around all four sides.
4. Add crystals to corners and center of heart.
5. Insert tissues.

I made these to put in the guest powder room in matching colors and keep several on hand for a little surprise gift when a friend drops in. Thinking the kids would enjoy them too in tie dye or bright colors or the glitter felt. There are so many choices of felt! We always love to see what YOU are making with felt, share on our FB page, like us or friend us, we want to connect with all the Kunin felt lovers out there! Lots of fun stuff coming up! Keep creating! Debra