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This week is all about Valentines for the kids to craft: today’s post a cute cat and mouse. The cat is a “Valentine card” to hang on the wall. A sleepy kitty glued to a dollar store canvas makes cute wall art. The wee mouse is a treat holder. Crafting with kids is fun; they are so much about the process and always love the doing and their results.

The supplies needed for these two projects are the staples of kids’ crafts: felt, pompoms, chenille stems and wiggly eyes.
Kitty Cat
You will need:
9” x 12” Kunin Craftcut Classic Felt, 1 red, 1 white
1 White chenille stem
2 Wiggly eyes
8” x 10” canvas
Craft glue
Black sharpie
Scissors, measuring tape, pencil, paper, pins

How to:
1. From red felt cut one 6”, one 4”, three 2”, one ¾” hearts. From white felt cut one 4”, one 3”, two 1 ¼” and one 2 ¼” hearts. Tip: Cut paper heart patterns by folding paper in half and then pinning on to felt for kids to cut out is easier for younger ones then cutting the folded felt. For very young children cut out the hearts for them.
2. Refer to finished photo for heart placements. Glue 4” white heart to 6” red heart for body. Glue 3” white heart to center of 4” red heart for head.
3. Glue two white 1 ¼” hearts to center of two red 2” hearts for ears. Glue ears to head.
4. Twirl chenille stem around 4 pencils or crayons held together. Glue 2 ¼” white heart to 2” red heart with end of chenille stem in between. Glue opposite end of chenille stem to back of kitty body.
5. Glue body to canvas. Overlap head slightly and glue in place. Glue red heart nose to face, add eyes.
6. Finish with a Valentine greeting with a Sharpie. (Optional)
You will need:
9” x 12” Kunin Craftcut Classic Felt, 1 red, 1 white
½” White pompom
1 White chenille stem
2-3/8” wiggly eyes
Craft Glue

Same tools as for Kitty

How to:
1. Cut one 6” red, one 1 ½” red, two 1 ½” white, one 2” white hearts from felt.
2. Fold 6” heart in half and glue leaving curved end open. Glue wiggly eyes to either side of head. Glue nose to pointed end. Glue 2” white heart to bottom of heart for feet.
3. Pinch bottom of small white hearts, glue to head for ears.
4. Cut chenille stem in half. Twirl around crayon or pencil. Glue red heart to one end. Glue opposite end inside edge of mouse body.

This little mouse treat holder is a great group craft for a class, scout group or valentine party. A nice little gift to share at a shelter or senior’s home. One piece of red felt will make two mice. If the hearts are cut out they can be assembled easily. Hang by the tails and then fill with treats! A small baggie of treats could also be inserted. Next on the blog, a sly fox and a kid favorite a cute Knock knock valentine project. Keep creating! Debra

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