LOVE is in the Air!


This time of year it does seem like Love is literally in the air. That was the inspiration for my canvas LOVE art. That and a great find at the Dollar Store of LOVE wood letters. Two of my favorite Fancifelts are the Chevron and the Legacy. I happened to have a couple of canvas which did not turn out in a previous art attempt, let’s just leave it at that. The felt thickness could cover the past and give me a base for the LOVE. As Kunin felt is made from recycled plastic bottles I am always conscious in my project designs to reuse items where I can. The large orange clothespin in the recycle box was painted black and now holds Love notes and cards for Valentine’s and any other occasion.

This is a super quick and easy project finished in less than an hour.

What you need:
2 Canvas: 8” x 10”, 12” x 16”
4” Wood letters
9” x 12” Fancifelt Chevron
14” x 18” Fancifelt Legacy
1 yard ¼” Ribbon
4” Clothespin
Fabri-tac  Glue
Glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, ruler

How to:

1. Place felt piece right side down on flat surface. Center canvas on felt. Notch out all four corners. Repeat for second canvas.
2. Glue opposite sides of felt over canvas back. Repeat for all four sides.
3. Mark center and glue black ribbon from back of Chevron canvas to opposite side. Repeat for remaining two sides.
4. Glue Chevron canvas off center on larger Legacy canvas. Glue LOVE letters in the ribbon sections of Chevron canvas. Glue on clothespin.

This is a project which can be done in a variety of felt choices to go in any room. I saw the wood letters HOME which would make a great memo board for the wall. Have fun with the projects for Valentines! Next week on the blog: projects for kids, perfect for a Valentine crafty party. Want to share the love? Become a FB friend and show us what you are making.

Keep creating! Debra

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