More Heart Felt Valentines

On Tuesday I shared some “scrap” felt heart Valentines. Today I am sharing some more pretty Valentine hearts. In the front room of the house I have a birch tree branch in a vase which has had snowflakes hanging from it and now it needs some pretty heart decor. To compliment the tree branch I was inspired to create bird themed hearts.

One of my favorite tools to use with felt is the Sizzix Big Shot. ( The dies cut the felt easily. One layer goes through the Sizzix cutting a clean image. One of my favorite dies is the bird and cage designed by Tim Holtz.


You will need:
9” x 12” pieces of felt, Candy Pink, White
2-3 yds of ribbon, white, pink, sheer
Embellishments, buttons, heart charms, stick on pearl studs, crystal
White embroidery floss
Small ball of fibrefill
Fabri-tac glue by Beacon
Sizzix Big Shot, Bird Cage Die, decorative scissors, needle, pencil, paper, ruler.

How to:
Large Bird Cage Heart
1. Cut a 5” heart from white felt. Use this as guide to cut a 6” heart from pink felt. Die cut a pink bird cage and bird. (Set aside bird for second ornament) Place a small square of white felt through die over bird image only. Die cut white bird.
2. Glue white heart to center on pink heart. Glue bird cage to heart center. Add pearl studs to bottom of bird cage and around edge of white heart. Trim branch off bottom of bird and glue to side of bird cage.
3. Tie three bows from assorted ribbons and layer gluing to bottom of heart. Add charm and button embellishments. Glue button to center top of bird cage. Cut an 8” piece of ribbon for loop to hang heart. Glue at top.

Bird Cage Valentine
1. Use the die cut outline of bird cage to make the pattern for the bird cage. Cut two from white felt. Clip a small hole in center of one piece of white felt.
2. Align both pieces of felt together. Outline stitch around the edge. Stuff through opening in center. Glue shut.
3. Trim legs and branch from die cut pink bird. Glue to center of bird cage.
4. Knot floss and bring needle from center top of bird cage through to center bottom. Take a stitch ½” to the right and take floss back to center top. Take floss back to the bottom left ½” from center. Take a stitch to edge and return floss to center top. Bring floss to opposite edge.
3. Take stitch inside of bird cage up one side ½”. Take floss across to opposite side. Take an inside stitch up ½” and bring floss out. Take floss across to opposite side of bird cage. Secure floss and trim.
4. Make floss or ribbon 4” loop to attach at top. Tie a couple of bows from ribbons. Glue one to top of cage and one to bottom. Embellish with buttons and charms.

These felt Valentines are so pretty hanging from the birch and are part of the Valentine decorations for a special party coming up! From pretty in pink to a bright and bold palette coming up on the blog. Kunin has some Valentine seasonal felt that is bold and sassy. Till next time keep happy, keep creating! Debra