Royalty at the CHA Show


We have been meeting the most amazing attendees at the CHA show. Retailers from all over the world. We have been making some fun crowns. These lovely sisters own a shop in Mexico. When their crowns were made of course we needed a throne for them to sit in for a photo!

Here is our pink polka dot throne created from felt, foam core and Mariboo with a little bling!
Here is how the throne began.

To build the Throne:
A chair or barstool without arms
Foam core, a trifold and 2 full sheets
5 yards of 36″ wide Fancifelt
1 yard of Black felt
36 feet of Mariboo trim
Flat back crystals and gems
Duck tape, knife, Beacon Fabri-tac, scissors, pencil, ruler, pins, hook and loop tape.

1.  Measure the back width of the chair. At one end of the single piece of foam core measure in an equal distance from each side. Make a mark. Angle the ruler from the mark to the outer edge of the foam core. Repeat for opposite side. Cut along these lines.

photo-32. Cut a second piece of foam core in half. Place the larger piece of foam core on the front of the seat with the angle at the bottom.  Place the smaller piece on the back. Wrap duck tape securely around the entire front and back several times.  Take tape under chair and around for extra stabilizing.

3. Center felt at seat, tucking under the foam core.  Wrap over top of chair to floor. Trim evenly. Fold sides in following angles of back. Use hook and loop tape pieces to hold felt sides in place.

4. Begin at side of chair and wrap felt around seat. Cut off at opposite side of chair. Fold excess felt on seat flat. Use hook and loop to hold in place.

5. Measure seat. Cut two pieces of black felt 1″ larger from both sides.  Glue or sew around all four sides. Glue Mariboo around entire cushion.

6. Begin at side of seat and glue Mariboo up the side across the top and down the opposite side.

7. Lift back of felt flap and slide tri-fold in place with sides in place as arms. The black tri-fold matched the felt so it did not require being covered.

8. From the extra piece of black foam core cut a curved arm shape. Use first one as a guide to cut second arm piece. Try on chair, cut curve to fit snugly into side of arm.

9. Place arm pieces on remaining piece of felt and cut two pieces for each arm 1″ larger all the way around. Cut out pieces. Place foam core in center of fabric arm pieces. Glue around edges. Trim with Mariboo.

10. Glue arms to top of foam core sides. Pin through arm inner curve into chair side.

11. Glue crystals, embellish, add more Mariboo. Personalize the throne to suit your taste or event.

The throne is a very fun addition for birthday parties, girls’ crafty night in or a smaller version for a child’s room. Have a crown making craft and then take their photos wearing the crown.

Next time on the blog, more royal shots from the CHA show and how to make a crown. Keep crafting and sewing! Debra