Holiday Sweets and Treats!

DQ K Blog P 4 Beauty Shot 1 Dec 19

As promised, more quick, easy sweet treats made with strips of felt. Recently I went to a Christmas party with a wonderful festive candy table. All homemade and yummy from the flavored marshmallow chocolate sprinkle cones to almond cranberry brittle. This was the inspiration for some scrumptious felt treats all made from strips of felt!

The luscious looking lollipops and cupcake have the same construction. The cupcake is merely pushed out to give it dimension. Choose your felt; I used red, neon green and white. Cut nine 1″ x 12″ strips from each piece. To make the lollipops more realistic I layered two strips of white to one strip of red or green and rolled with the color to the inside. Continue rolling and gluing strips until a 3 ½” disc is created. Repeat for three discs.

To finish the lollipops glue a strip of white felt to the front of a popsicle stick. Trim to fit stick. Repeat for back. Glue stick to back of lollipop. For cupcake just push center rings of disc out gently until you have the desired shape. Glue two buttons together at top of cupcake. Strips of felt were glued around a mason jar and a big button added. Glue a second popsicle stick to bottom of lollipop sticks and place in jar. Add candy canes around rim.
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For the tree wall hanging you will need one sheet of white for background. For the tree cut a 6”, 5”, 4”, 3” 2” and 1” strip, 1 ½” strip for trunk. Cut a 9” for top and three 3” strips for loops. Cut six  2” by 1” triangles from another strip. Begin by folding loops in half and glue to top edge. Glue 9” strips to top of white piece. Glue triangles along bottom edge. Space tree strips ½” apart beginning with trunk and 6” piece at bottom. Glue buttons to alternating tree tips and to triangle bottom points. For hanging two candy canes taped together make a whimsical finish to the project.

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You will need for these projects.
9” x 12” sheets of Kunin Classic, 3 red, 3 white, 1 neon green
14 white buttons, 8-1/2”, 6-3/8
2” green button
4 popsicle sticks
mason jar
Fabri-tac or Aleene’s Turbo Tacky glue
Scissors, ruler, pencil

This sweet treat vignette will be part of the next couple of Christmas parties this week!
Happy Holidays, Debra