A Clutch for all Seasons

bs2The purse, it is a necessity but oh so much more, the inside may hold those necessary items but the outside style makes the statement. Color, shape, design, style, there are so many choices! The clutch is a personal favorite, a smaller purse but it makes a big impact. Held next to an outfit it can complete a look with a savvy punch. With Kunin’s choices of felt colors and patterns, it was hard to decide but with a little black dress needing a bag for a festive event coming up this week, the Fancifelt black and white  design Legacy was first choice. Making the same clutch again in a different pattern and color combination gives a totally new look to same design. The second one I made to jazz up a casual jean outfit. I have always loved paisley, the swirls and shapes, oh so pretty!


As an accent for each clutch, a flower clasp. The mum simply two strips of felt, folded, slits cut, rolled and glued. Using a pin back to attach to purse makes it possible to wear separately or change on the purse to co-ordinate with another outfit. (The clutch can be sewn as well, where the steps refer to gluing, replace with sewing.

Finished Size 8” x 12”
— Kunin CraftCut
9″ x 12″ ClassicFelt™
in Candy Pink
-1 Kunin CraftCut
9″ x 12″ ClassicFelt™
in Neon Green
-1 Kunin CraftCut
9″ x 12″ ClassicFelt™
in Aqua
-1/3 yard Kunin Fancifelt, Legacy
-1/3 yard Kunin Printzfelt, Paisley
-1 black Button,1/2”, green 1”, aqua 2”
-1/2 yard each 3/8” ribbon
-2 Hook and loop closures or snaps
-Fabri-tac glue

Tools: sharp scissors, cutting mat and rotary cutter, measuring tape, needle and thread, optional.

  1. Cut a 12” by 36” piece each of the Paisley and Legacy for the clutch. Cut two 2” by 12” pieces of Candy Pink for flower and one 1” by 12” piece for inside piping. Cut one 2” by 12” piece of Aqua and one 2” by 12” piece from Neon Green for flower and 1” by 12” piece for inside piping. Cut two 20” pieces from each ribbon.
  2. To make clutch. With right sides out fold felt in half, glue edges. Piece will now measure 9” by 18”. Finger press piping strip in half. Glue strip over the 12” raw edge side. Fold end with piping edge over again 6 ½”. Glue sides leaving piped edge open. Fold over opposite edge 4”. Finger press.
  3. For paisley clutch glue ribbon around one end. Glue on buttons. For both purses sew or glue hook and loop fastener to the center on the piping and second piece matching to the opposite side, the inside top of the clutch.
  4. Making the flower. Fold a felt strip in half; begin cutting evenly spaced slits from the folded center to the edges leaving ¼” uncut. Repeat for second strip. Keep strip folded and begin rolling, glue as you go. Continue until one strip is finished. Add the next strip and repeat.  Glue or sew pin back to flower. Pin or glue to purse center. Glue button to center of pink clutch. howto


With the holidays here, there are Fancifelts with Christmas trees that could be a fun little purse to make. Add a gift card, or tuck in another small gift. The possibilities are endless, the results so pretty! Next Tuesday a roundup of super quick and easy festive gifts and ornaments. Happy crafting! Debra